11 Cool things to do with your apple watch

Pinging your phone

With the Apple Watch, you can ping your phone to make a noise even if it is on silent as long as it is in the Bluetooth range. To determine that it is, swipe up to the control screen. If the iPhone icon in the top left corner is green, it’s in range. If it’s red, it’s out of range. On that screen tap the icon on the right with the phone with what looks like two sets of parentheses around it.

Pinging iphone with apple watch 

Sleep tracking

Sleep is important, and this feature allows you to see how much you sleep, as well as assess your sleep quality.

While you can get an analysis of how much time you spend in bed from your Bedtime tab in iOS 13, your apple watch won’t track how much you sleep deeply or move throughout the night on its own. For that, download one of the complementary sleep trackers within the Health app on your phone.



Pairing your alarms

This simple hack makes morning’s easier. Just set an alarm on your paired iPhone, and when the alarm sounds, you will see the alarm notification on your watch, which allows you to either turn off or snooze the alarm.

Using paired alarms, you know you won’t miss a reminder, even if your phone isn’t nearby. This has been beneficial to me because it avoids the need for me to pull out my phone (or find it if I have it charging on a stand) so that I can turn off the alarm.



There are a ton of reasons to use walkie-talkies instead of calling or texting. It’s a great alternative to texting during the winter because you don’t have to struggle to text wearing gloves or take off your gloves to text. Another benefit is that the Walkie-Talkie app doesn’t have range limitations like traditional walkie-talkies, you can use it wherever you have an internet connection. And, as a bonus, After you open the channel of communication, it stays open for continued messaging, super useful if you’re trying to meet up with someone in a crowded place.

Setting up walkie-talkie mode is simple, too. The Walkie-Talkie app comes loaded on your Apple Watch home screen. It’s the yellow icon with a black walkie-talkie symbol. Tap that, choose one of your contacts, and hold the on-screen button to talk.


Get directions

If you use Apple Maps on your iPhone for directions, you’ll also get notifications on your watch in the form of taps and clicking sounds when it’s time to turn. That means you get direction reminders without having to constantly look down at your screen, which is super useful when you’re walking down a busy city street and surprisingly helpful when you’re driving and need a second reminder that yes, it’s time to turn.


Heart monitoring

The Apple Watch Series4 or later heart-monitoring hardware can take a low-res ECG. It records your measurements to the Apple Health app on your phone, so you can take your phone in and show your doctor your ECG results.

If you have reason to keep special track of your heart, open the Health app on your phone > Browse > Heart > Electrocardiograms (ECG) > Set Up ECG App. Once it’s set up, open the ECG App to take an ECG.

 Heart monitoring with apple watch


Clearing all notifications

While some people never clean out their notifications, others obsessively swipe them away for a nice clean tray.

The ordinary way to do this is to drag down with your finger from the top of the watch, but you’re sadly limited to dismissing them one by one. If you want to clear them all at once, simply force-touch the notification tray by pressing harder on the screen.


Unlocking your Mac

You can unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch, just like you can with an iPhone.”

If you’d like to pair your Apple Watch and your Mac, you need to first make sure both meet the requirements. Next, on your Mac, go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General > then tick the checkbox “Allow Apple Watch to unlock your Mac.” “You can now feel like the hero in a spy novel when accessing your Mac device.


Take screenshots

To enable screenshots on your Apple Watch, on your iPhone open the Watch app > General >then turn on the switch for “Enable Screenshots.” Once screenshots have been enabled, you can take them on your Apple Watch by simultaneously pressing the side button and the Digital Crown. The display will flash and your Apple Watch will vibrate to indicate that a screenshot has been taken. Your Apple Watch screenshots will appear in the Photos app on your iPhone.


Water Lock

Apple Watches are water-resistant, not waterproof and there are steps you can take to help preserve your watch’s water resistance, which Apple notes diminish over time. If you’re an avid swimmer, Apple has you covered. Water Lock is automatically turned on when you select a swimming workout on your Apple Watch. You’ll know it’s on when you see the icon of a blue drop of water at the top of your watch face.

If you want to turn it on manually open the Control Center on your Apple Watch by swiping up from the bottom of the display of your home screen.


Ejecting water

After your swim, it’s a smart idea to eject any water from your watch. Tap the icon of a blue water drop and turn the Digital Crown. You’ll see a pulsating blue dot, then dancing blue raindrops on the screen as your device emits a few beeps before it notes that it’s ‘unlocked'.